Ian Boddy Radiophonica

Get Ian Boddy Radiophonica free for a limited time! This sample pack is packed full of analogue, organic and retro sci-fi character thanks to raw audio recorded from the following analogue synthesisers: Roland System 100-M, Analogue Systems, Doepfer A-100, Analogue Solutions, VCS3, Minimoog and Metasonix TM-2 tube BP filter. Download Ian Boddy Radiophonica here!

Radiophonica is the first title in Ian Boddy´s Waveforms series of sample libraries. All the sounds were produced and recorded directly from analogue hardware synthesisers. No digital processing other than a touch of EQ or compression where appropriate was used. Any effects you hear such as flanging, phasing, reverb or echo are from the various analogue components of the modular systems used. The intention was to provide a library of sounds that are synonymous with the name of the Radiophonic Workshop from their early work on such seminal programs as Doctor Who. As such the sounds are intended to have that analogue, organic, retro sci-fi character that many find so appealing about those early synthesiser soundtracks.


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