If you have worked in Apple’s Garageband or use Logic Pro on your computer, you no doubt have tried out the new Drummer feature. If not, it’s basically an artificial intelligent drum programmer, which you can feed a few parameters and it spits out realistic and style specific drum parts. It’s one good example where a plugin can replace a musician on an acceptable level. But it’s still a rare sight. Now the app iBassist makes a run for replacing your bass guitar player.

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iBassist is basically a virtual bass player for the iPad which wants to play the bass on your beats and productions. You can tweak the sound based on various musical styles and color it by picking between plectrum, fingers and slap play. There’s quite a few usable sounds in there, even a very convincing sounding double bass. The samples change depending on velocity and have Round Robins, so you get a realistic bass sound. Check the video below for sound examples.

With minimal effort you can create even intricate basslines for your songs in a matter of seconds. It’s more than a dumb MIDI-based bass generator. You can actually add a chord progression, and the app will figure out an appropriate bassline to it. To me this is a super useful app when you’re stuck writing a bassline or on the road without your bass guitarist.

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