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iMaschine 2

iMaschine 2

Native Instruments released iMaschine 2 – their new version of iMaschine app. iMaschine 2 is available as a new purchase. Key new features are the long waited step sequencer (not available for instruments). The step sequencer works similar way as on Maschine hardware using pads to program step sequencer. The also introduced scale, chords and arpeggiator mode for instruments, 4 patterns per kit/instruments and unlimited scenes & colorful pads. All extensions available as single in-app purchase.

Though it is huge step forward for NI that hasn’t updated much their iMaschine, new version is still pretty limited:
There’s no Audiobus/IAA for external instruments like synths, drum machines. The app works as sound source  and still only features two effects and a max of 4 kits/instruments per song. But anyway it is really nice for sketching some drums and exporting it into desktop version.

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UPDATE 2016-04: NI updated iMaschine 2 great new features. First is Ableton Link support that allows to play it in sync with other music apps. Another great addition is ability to Open exported audio in other apps. And for those users that use Maschine desktop version NI made export to desktop Maschine easier.

UPDATE 2016-10: iMaschine was updated to 2.2 bringing Reverb to the Maschine effects.
When exporting to desktop Maschine software – Reverb Maschine effect is added.