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MiniMoog for iPad

MiniMoog for iPad – Arturia got the goods!

Today we’ve got unexpected news from Arturia – their first app for iPad. iMini is recreation of legendary Minimoog synth. It is based on same technology as desktop version – Mini V. This MiniMoog for iPad comes with fantastic sound and over 500 presets made by the top sound designers. One of the great features is that you can transfer presets between MiniV and iMini. It is Audiobus ready with support of Virtual Midi so you can sequence it from your favorite DAW and record it via Audiobus.

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iMini – the MiniMoog for iPad – also comes with nice effects: delay and chorus. And inside Tabletop it can be used as effect (there is audio input that can be connected with other devices) to process other sounds through fantastic moog-style filter, delay and chorus effects. To use touch screen advantages, iMini has two XY pads that can be assigned to control most of the parameters of the synthesizer.

If you are looking for the legendary sound of the MiniMoog for your iPad, then there’s really no better choice than the iMini App. And let’s be honest – why spent a couple thousand on a vintage synth, when you want to make beats on your way to school or work?!