Introducing Jambe Electronic Percussion Instrument

SensorPoint today announces the unveiling of the production-ready Jambé™ electronic percussion instrument. Jambé is available for hands-on demonstrations at the 2015 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show in Anaheim, CA. Jambé is available for hands-on demonstrations at the 2015 National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show in Anaheim, CA. SensorPoint and Jambé will be located in Hall E, Stand 1086. Working in tandem with the iPad®, Jambé offers the new, unlimited musical palette of the future. Sales will commence with a Kickstarter™ campaign scheduled to begin in March, 2015.

Jambé is designed to look and feel like a traditional drum. It includes advanced electronic sensors and performance-optimized foam pads, beautifully encased in a standard snare-sized wood shell.  With a very traditional look and feel, the design allows easy integration into just about any existing drum kit. But behind the normal drum facade and seamless iPad interface sits advanced computer DSP technology and high definition sound samples, giving musicians an exciting combination of percussion tools in one compact package.

Playing Jambé is as easy as using your hands as with any hand percussion instrument or with regular drumsticks like a standard drum. Over 1,000 different pressure levels are sensed in each pad via advanced gesture detection algorithms.


iPad and Wi-Fi Integration
Jambé features full iPad control and Internet integration.  Kits and sounds are directly downloaded, manipulated, and controlled via the drum’s unique iPad controller software. Software updates are sent directly to the instrument via a mobile or wi-fi connection, making Jambé an unlimited percussion instrument.

Players can browse and download sounds and instruments directly from the Jambé music store on the spot, run directly through a Midi output as a controller, or take advantage of the sound pack that comes bundled with the Jambé. Want to make your Jambé a conga?  Simply tap in the Jambé application and it’s a conga.  Want to make your Jambé to be a full rock drum kit?  Again, a simple tap and, voila, it’s now a rock drum kit.


Mulitple Jambé drums will be on display at the NAMM show in Booth 1086, Hall E, for hands-on demonstrations and playing. Attendees are welcome to drop by, try out the Jambé and meet the designers.

Purchasing A Jambé

Jambé will begin sales with a national Kickstarter campaign in March 2015.  Visit or email [email protected] for more information.

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