Introduction to making music with Fruity Loops

FL Studio is a full-featured sequencer capable of creating any type of music genre. There are absolutely no limitations within this program so the possibilities for music creation are endless. Comparing it to other sequencers is in my opinion is a waste of time. If you are interested in making music with Fruity Loops and make it hassle free then I recommend to:

Get a copy of Fruity Loops or download the latest demo version.
The demo version is a fully functional version of the latest release except that you cannot save your project. (You can however, bounce your track to .wav or .mp3)

Learn how to use it
There are a few tutorials on this site and more coming as I write them. Stay tuned! Other than that there are many other good resources out there. Check out my tutorial Understanding the Fruity Loops Workflow for a really basic introduction to using Fruity Loops.

Play around with it in every spare moment of time
If everything starts sounding the same and you feel uninspired, give it a rest and come back to it another time. After looping the same track for hours on end your ears get tired and it’s hard to tell if your track sounds good or not.

Practice making music with Fruity Loops
Then if you are getting good and enjoy making music:

Get a (usb) midi keyboard
This is my Evolution MK-449C that I purchused for AU$350 a few years back from Derringers. Includes 4 octaves and more knobs and sliders than I ever use.

Buy a set of near field monitors
Yamaha HS50M’s. Picked up these babys for $AU525 off of ebay from the US with postage included. Turned out to be AU$175 cheaper than my local music store. Great sounding monitors, although it’s a pity my room isn’t acoustically treated! Also I don’t really care if they sound anything like the Yamaha NS10’s because it’s all about learning the sound of your monitors no matter which brand or model you go for.

Practice some more

What are your tips making music with Fruity Loops?

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