iOS Reverb effects

iOS Reverb effects on Audiobus

Reverb is an essential tools on almost each step of music production: sound design and recording to the final mixing. And as quality of the track is defined by the weakest element in the processing chain, it is important to choose good quality effects that fits your music style. In the last few days two new reverb apps came to the AppStore – AD 480 and AUFX:Space and now it is right time to review iOS Reverb effects that you can use on the iPad.

If you are not new to the iPad music production you may already have some effect apps that have Reverb effects as well as others (such apps as Turnado, LiveFX, Vocalive). If you’re looking for the lo-fi reverb you can try to use guitar effects apps like Amplitube, StompBox, JamUp, AmpKit. Another option is to use effects that comes with DAWs (Auria, Cubasis, NanoStudio, Beatmaker).

So what reverb is better? In this video you’ll find comparison of reverbs based on simple audio loop with dry 808 drums, piano and synth. We’ll run this loop through different reverbs on the iPad and hear the results.

Apps featured: