iOS to Mac MIDI over USB

There are several ways to transmit MIDI data between iPad/iPhone and Mac/PC – MIDI over WiFi, special devices like iConnect MIDI. Some apps recently supported MIDI over Lightning/30-pin USB cable. Thats the one that you use to charge your iDevice. But there were no universal solution that allowed to connect let’s say MIDI designer and Ableton Live without noticeable latency. Now there’s a universal solution for MIDI over USB.

Here’s how it works:

1. Install MIDI LE for Mac from developers web site
2. Install MIDI LE app for iOS
3. Connect your iPad/iPhone to computer via regular Lightning-USB or 30pin-USB cable.
4. In the music app put the MIDI out (or MIDI in) to MIDI LE app.
4A. If you need more complex MIDI routing inside iOS use MIDI Bridge app
5. Enjoy low-latency connection

There’s no solution for Win yet, only for Mac. But maybe it also would be released soon. And please don’t forget to support developer of this great apps by donating. Developers web site link

Music IO: MIDI over USB

It is really good to see how three successful developers joined their resources to make a new app. It is not the first app in the Appstore that allows to transmit MIDI over USB, we’ve recently covered MIDI LE app. Music IO was created by SeceretBaseDesign (Apollo), Confusion Studios (MIDI Designer Pro) and Audeonic Apps (MidiBridge)

It supports 2 ways transfer of MIDI signals from iPad/iPhone to Mac and back. You also need to install server application for Mac which can be downloaded on developers website. In future releases developers promised to make a support for Audio via USB.