Isolate Drums with DrumExtract

If you are into sampling, prepare to get your minds blown...

If you ask someone how to get just the vocals from a certain track or that bassline by itself or that killer snare, you’ll find that it’s not an easy task. Well, until you have DrumExtract (purchase link) – a plugin which allows you to balance the percussive versus the melodic content of any audio file.

It can isolate drums out of samples, so you clean a hidden drumbreak from a funk record and add your own melodic content on top. As a drummer or beatmaker can learn better how the drum pattern was programmed or played. You can also take the cleaned up audio file and get better results with a function like ‘Extract Drum Midi’ in Ableton.

On the other hand say you find a killer sample, but the drums are already playing over it. Are the drums dope, but need more power? DrumExtract can enhance them in the mix! Simply duplicate the sample and in one version highlight the drums, run a compressor over it and mix it in with the original sample. You’ll get a much heavier drum sound while it stills sounds like the original sample. This is great if you want to match up classic songs with modern songs in a live / dj set, because people expect the drums to hit much harder these days.

Check out this quick video we posted on instagram where we mashup a cleaned up stone cold soul sample with breakbeat from D’Angelo evergreen Voodoo album…

Now before you throw your money at them, two small notes of caution.

First, DrumExtract is quite heavy on your CPU, so you want to commit early and resample the part you like and move on. I quickly run into problems, when I have 2 instances running alongside other plugins in my tracks.

Secondly, while the plugin sometimes seems to perform noting short of magic, it won’t work on any track. On some tracks you will just get pretty shit results. Overall though, I’m super happy with it and it has really led to me get more creative with sample processing and end up with a lot cleaner mixes. 

Get it here!

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