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JamUp updated with new cool expansion packs

JamUp was already one of the best multi-effects apps for iOS with large collection of effects and amps. The new version comes with 3 new expansion packs: Vintage Effects, Acoustic and Gurus Amp.

Vintage Effects pack

This pack is great addition to the existing effects that come with JamUp and with Effect Expansion pack. New Collection contains models are based on: *Dallas Rangemaster® Treble Booster, *Electro Harmonix® Small Clone, Big Muff, Knockout Attack EQ, *Boss® DM-2 Analog Delay, *Voodoo Labs® Vibe, *Fulltone® OCD Overdrive and *Demeter Tremulator Tremolo.

My favorite from this list is Treble Booster and Guirar Muff which adds really cool vintage sustained distortion to the sound. Also all-time classic DM-2 is great addition to existing collection of delays (JamUp also has digital delays and Effects Expansion comes with Re-201 space echo and tape delay emulation).

Acoustic Expansion Pack

“Featuring Positive Grid’s acoustic imaging technology that restores a studio-miked sound to a undersaddle or soundhole pickup. This is the complete acoustic tone solution for both acoustic and electric guitar players. It comes with the new and premium Acoustic Simulator that any electric guitar into realistic acoustic tone. The included models are: Acoustic Imaging, Acoustic Pro Simulator, Acoustic EQ and Acoustic Reverb.’

This new acoustic pack sounds great – it converts your electric guitar sound into acoustic. I really was blown away with how it sounds.

Gurus Amp Expansion Pack

“Positive Grid partnered with Cicognani Engineering who developed 3 extremely powerful Amps. The Guru Amps Models provide all the juice needed to fuel the guitar tone with sweet’n’deep crunch styled sound. All from a light squeeze of overdrive to full on classic distortion and everything in between. The included amp models are based on Gurus Naked amplifier’s Sexy Channel, Crunch Channel and Lead Channel. We choose to collaborate with Gurus Amps because this Italian company made the World first Tube Amplifiers specifically designed for live use of external digital devices running emulation software. Thanks to their innovative iChannel®, Gurus Amps can express the best of both worlds, analog and digital together.”

Combine sound of these amps with Big Muff or Fuzz effect and you’ll get fantastic crunchy sound.

And also these amps sound great with synths. Just put JamUp on the Audiobus with your favorite synth and you’ll open unlimited possibilities to change the sound not only with amps emulations but also with all those effects.

JamUp Multi Effects Processor: Download from App Store