Kali Audio LP-6

Compact studio speakers redefined!

Meet the Kali Audio LP-6 studio monitors – specialised speakers designed for use in recording studios and other professional audio environments. We recently got our hands on a pair and if you are looking for new compact speakers for your bedroom studio, you might want to keep reading…

In the last year I have tried out a few different monitors in the lower budget range – from the likes of Hercules, Yamaha and JBL. I recently came across the company Kali Audio in the news and their LP-6 monitors seemed like a worthy contender for a bedroom studio, so I was curious to check them out.

A word of caution: Something you will see in some reviews is that the monitors have an inherent noise, which was noted by many customers of the first generation of their speakers. This has been significantly reduced in the new models that I have standing next to me – at a listening distance of 50 cm I can no longer hear any such noise.

The Sound

On first listen I was pleasantly surprised at the sound quality – it seems very accurate and the frequency response of the monitors quite flat. As studio monitors, they are obviously intended to provide a flat and accurate frequency response, allowing audio professionals to hear a true and uncoloured representation of the audio being played back. While I am not a professional mastering engineer with access to high-end monitors to compare, I can assure you they were a pleasure to mix down beats with. And that is all I asked for. To my ears there wasn’t any noticeable coloration or distortion added by the Kalis.

Kali Audio LP-6 looking gorgeous in a dimly-lit home studio!
The Kali Audio LP-6 looking gorgeous in my dimly-lit home studio!

The Hardware

While the price tag doesn’t scream high end studio monitors, the Kali LP-6s are well-made and durable. They feel very sturdy and well-constructed.

What I liked a lot is that they can be adapted easily to your spatial needs with the dip switches and placement diagrams on the back. Most of us don’t have a perfectly set up studio room or even a seperate room to make music at all, so it’s super useful to be able to adjust everything to your own unique setup. After a bit of trial and error, I managed to get present mids and clear highs. The bass is very punchy, but still remains warm and pleasant.

Loving the dip switches and placement diagrams on the back, which let’s you easily adapt the sound to your spatial needs!

One of the few gripes I have with them is that I prefer to have the power switch accessible on the front side, but that’s a really minor complaint when you look at the whole package.

In Closing

Now the Kali Audio LP-6 are certainly not the best monitors money can buy, but they deliver an amazing value for the price! They outperform pretty much everything else in the same price segment in terms clarity of sound. So yeah, the Kalis are a winner. A great compromise between balance, imaging, attention to detail and precision. At low to medium volume the Kalis are a joy to work with! Small project studios and ambitious home recorders in particular will benefit from the new Kalis without having to dig deep into their pockets.

Find out more on the Kali Audio website.

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