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Kiviak Instruments WoFI

WoFI is a sampler, synthesizer and sequencer that is currently being prototyped by a small French start-up. The company has been showcasing the device to the creative community and has a visually appealing website, similar to Teenage Engineering’s early days.

The WoFI has a clean, generic design and includes all the essential building blocks of synths and samplers, like envelope, filter, texture effects and an LFO. The WiFi aspect apparently allows for wireless delivery of new synthesizers or sounds, forming part of the “community” that Kiviak hopes to create.

The device can be used as a sampler, simulator, and player, with internal inputs and a built-in microphone for direct sampling. MIDI, USB, CV/Gate, and clock signals are available for external connections – which is makes it very versatile in the a small studio. The WoFI has an LFO and ADSR envelope for the filter and amp, as well as a filter for each synthesis model – which are referred to as “machines” similar to how Elektron does. The device also includes loop functions and has “destruction” via glitch and stretching built into the design.

The filter has a 12 and 24 dB mode switch and basic settings, while the shaper acts as a post-processing effect at the end of the WoFI’s signal chain, adding chaos, dirt, density, and spatiality to the sound. The buttons on the WoFI are capable of creating step sequences for the sequencer, making it a potential all-rounder.

While WoFI is still in development and is expected to be finished by the end of 2023, no pricing information has been set yet. For more information about the WoFI sampler and Kiviak Instruments, please visit their website.

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