Koala Sampler

The new Koala Sampler app by Elf Audio is a bit like having a Roland SP303 in your pocket. In fact I rarely use my PO-33 Pocket Operator from Teenage Engineering since I have the app.

Now the Koala Sampler is not competing with apps like Beatmaker 3 and Samplr on the iPad or even Ableton or FL Studio. It fills a void that many apps tried to fill,  but never really convingly managed to do. If you want to sketch out a loop idea, a simple beat or even small tracks while you are out and about, then you will get your money’s worth with Koala.

If you know the little SP samplers from Boss, you will recognize a lot here. You can record anything with your phone’s mic instantly. You have basic sound manipulation tools and recording effects which you can apply to your recording and resample it. The resample function is also great for layering sounds.

Koala is super intuitive and leaves you wondering why it takes so long to make beats at the computer. While you sacrifice a bunch functionality, the app keeps you in the flow and keeps it fun. There simply is no deep diving into settings and tweaking 8 different EQ points, etc. The focus is on the end result!

Get it from the app store!

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