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Korg Volca Keys Samples

Korg Volca Keys Samples

The Volca series by Korg is pretty amazing. You have these small flimsy devices which produce full analog sound and they don’t cost you an arm and a leg. Using them can be a bit fiddly due to their size, but come on: If you want to get into hardware, there’s no better starting point than to pick up a few pieces of the Korg Volca series – personally I would start with the Korg Volca Keys. For those of you who don’t want to go hardware though, here’s a pack of excellent Korg Volca Keys Samples to download.

Get the fat analog sounds of Korg’s fantastic Volca Keys (both sawtooth and square wave) in convenient Kontakt (version 5.3.1 or later), Ableton, and SFZ formats, courtesy of Decent Samples. Just like with their littleBits Synth Samples, they sampled each note over six octaves, set loop points, then turned them into convenient sample libraries for ITB producers and beatmakers!

DOWNLOAD them here!

Here’s the details of the pack:

  • Three formats: Native Instruments Kontakt 5.3.1SFZ (tested with Sforzando), and Ableton Live 9.7.1 (Simpler & Sampler).
  • Recorded in 96khz, 24-bit using a high-end audio interface
  • Seemless waveform looping
  • Recorded without lowpass filter
  • Control envelope within SFZ, Ableton or Native Instruments Kontakt
  • Both Volca Keys waveforms: sawtooth and square wave
  • 5+ octaves
  • Allows for higher polyphony than the actual Volca Keys
  • Allows for polyphony using square wave which the Volca Keys does not