LACK RACK – The Infamous Ikea Hack

Ikea's cheapest table is perfectly sized to hold rack gear

Analog gear is expensive enough, but what really gets you is the cost for cables, stands – and racks! Let me help you save some money for the last mention. While furniture that holds rack gear runs into the multiple hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, IKEA actually offers something suitable for a mere $10 and a little work. That’s why we wanted to talk less about production today and more about the Allen key and some handywork to save your hard earned money. The resulting unit has already been dubbed LACK RACK by the internet and IT and musician communities flock to this little piece of furniture.

The LACK RACK is nothing more than than the simple, inexpensive IKEA LACK Table – whose legs are amazingly exactly 19″ wide and just sturdy enough to accept screws and the weight of lighter rackmount gear. I don’t trust it to hold up my ASR10 Rack, but for most rack units it should be sufficient.

The eEth0 community even created a fantastic, very authentic looking LACKRACK Manual as PDF download!

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