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Learn How To DJ

Learn How To DJ

If your serious about music then you may want to get yourself a set of decks, start building a collection of vinyl and learn how to DJ. Once your tunes are up to scratch you will need some way of showing your music to others. By playing your tunes at smaller gigs you can get the recognition you deserve. All the skills you learn through mixing in your bedroom will come into play.

I remember when I first became obsessed with mixing, I used a couple of belt driven turn-tables from the local second-hand store. Not long after I went out and bought a brand new set of Numark TTX-1’s. So what if they’re not Technic 1200’s (I don’t really care) my decks have digital readout and better torque!

Mixing is really great as it helps you to develop a keen ear for music. So go vinyl shopping, buy some of your favourite tunes and learn to mix them into each other based on key detection with Mixed in Key and beats per minute. It may take you a while to learn how to DJ, but after some time you will be rewarded with a greater knowledge of how to actually make decent music.

For all those on a tight budget who can’t afford a set of decks, do yourself a favour, stay away from the pub for a few weekends and you will be cashed up in no time!

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