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Lex Luger Drum Samples Pack

Lex Luger Sound Pack

Lex Luger is a seasoned producer who was already estimated at 10 million when he turned 19 years old. At the time all his beats were made with just a laptop and FL Studio! A living proof that with just enough dedication, hard work and hustle you can rise to the top of the food chain. All you need today is a laptop, FL Studio, killer samples like in this Lex Luger Sound Pack and creativity!

Purchase Drum Kit $27 USD

The Lex Luger Sound Pack contains everything you need to make catchy trap and hip-hop beats. Expect to find a huge selection of samples and SoundFonts including trunk rattling bass, drums, chants, arps, synths, orchestral hits, whistles, brass hits and much more. Just import the drum sounds into Ableton, FL Studio, ProTools, Logic or any other digital audio workstation to get started on some new beats.

Drum Samples inspired by the sound of Lex Luger

Our Lex Luger Drum Kit is a high quality drum sample collection based on the award winning Lex Luger sound. It doesn’t get more authentic than this.

Premium Drum Kit Quality

Like our other premium kits, you get the quality you expect from us. There are no ripped, low quality drum hits in this one. The Lex Luger Drum Kit kit contains only high quality, banging sounds at a commercial loudness level. PAinstakingly handcrafted by our sound designers with just a touch of compression, reverb and processing through analog audio gear – these sounds will sit perfectly in the mix out of the box.

Based on our research into Lex Luger’s production style, we perfectly handcrafted his cutting snares, heavily distorted 808’s and deep, punchy kicks. Add a few signature vocal stabs, percussion and SFX and you get your new go-to kit for making trap beats.

If you dig the sound of Lex Luger – cop this kit, zone out and make some bangers with it!

What You’re About to Get!

  • 35 Booming 808’s
  • 35 Thumping Kicks
  • 38 Snapping Snares & Claps
  • 29 Sizzling Hi-Hats
  • 72 Spicy Percussion Samples
  • 36 Riveting Sound Effects including Lex Luger’s Signature Synth Riser!
  • 30 Tasty Instrument Samples, including Deep Brass, Piercing Leads, and Epic Choirs
  • Bonus: 5 Special Sine Notes, that will rattle your speaker if played at low frequencies. The Perfect Sub Bass!

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Lex Luger Drum Kit $27 USD