Lil Pump Type Beat

After our first blog post in our How to Type Beat series, we received many messages to do one on another young trap artist with colourful hair, Lil Pump. This kid rose to fame quite quickly and he also shows us how to have massive hit songs with simple beat ideas. So let’s quickly put down some typical elements of a Lil Pump type beat.

A typical lil Pump Track is a arpeggiator style keys part, a synth playing a counter melody and some rather typical 808 trap drum samples.

Lil Pump Type Beat Sounds

First we put down a syncopated keys part. A simple arpeggiator often sounds dull and boring, so I’d like to draw the notes in by hand / mouse or even use the pads on my trusted Ableton Push.

Next we copy the channel, but we will take out some notes and switch the sound from a piano to a low synth sound.

And that my friends is a super simple, but catchy melody for your next trap banger!

Lil Pump Drums

The 808 bass and kick hit at the same time here and form a powerful driver for the track. The 808 midi is based on the original melody but uses less notes and slightly different syncopation to build a counter to the other sounds.

The clap hits on the 3 and 7 and this makes a simple pattern you hear in every other trap track. Obviously here we would spend more time fleshing out the details like a ghost snare rhythm, more huminization in the drum (velocity and timing), etc.

The hats switch between 8th notes and a hi-hat roll, which is deceptively simple when you see the midi pattern, but it really adds groove to the track.

That’s the core of the track. Now would be the time to move into arrangement and fleshing out the details, but for today I’m signing out…

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