Linking channels to the mixer – in three simple steps

This is for anyone like me who has bad habits and never writes the names of channels in the mixer.  Learn linking channels to the mixer in three easy steps. FL Studio has an in built function which will automatically link the high-lighted channels to the mixer and also write the name of each channel in the mixer. This feature is so easy to use and is very good housekeeping to keep you tunes clear and simple.

1. Highlight the channels you want to send to the mixer.

2. Open up the mixer window (F9), right-click on Insert 1.

3. Go to Link selected channels and then left click Starting from this track. Or just hit Shift+Ctrl+L in the mixer window.

4. All of the channels you selected are linked to the mixer and given “friendly names”. This saves a heap of time when your linking new channels to the mixer. If you don’t already link every single channel to the mixer then start doing it as it will help immensly to add effects to each individual element of your song!

Note: Ctrl+L is also handy as you can link all the channels to one insert in the mixer. You can also use Ctrl+L to link a single channel to an insert in the mixer.

Trust me this saves alot of time!

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