Lo-Fi Drum Kit

if you’ve followed us in recent months, you know we’ve been on the Lo-Fi tip. We released a pack of Lo-Fi Casio Keyboard samples, as well as some other goodies. Today we’ve gathered a small but useful Lo-Fi Drum Kit collection!

Use them as is in a Lo-Fi hip hop track or add character and power to your drums in other genres. Trap, Vaporwave and Future Funk all can use some decent lo-fi grit. Dust, crunch and lo-fi to the max – perfect for raw hip-hop beat-making!

Lo-fi Sound Kit by Kumai

A pack filled with soft snares and tons of percussion, perfect for hip-hop, lo-fi, trap, or even R&B! Don’t be mistake, these sound real dusty and real! Some drums were recorded for this pack, others sampled from vinyl, but all of them were layered, eq’d, compressed and processed to taste! This Drumkit Includes: 37 Kicks, 21 Snares, 4 Drum Loops, 8 Cymbals, 10 Hihats and 6 Vinyl/Tape samples. Kumai Lo-fi Sound Kit: Download

Lo-fi Drum Kit by ItsLucid

ItsLucid dropped a small library of lo-fi one shot hip-hop drum samples with a highly usable selection of dirty snares, dusty kicks, hi hats and a perc giving off a vintage vibe. This drum kit is made for hip-hop, future beats and beyond. It includes 10 hats, 12 kicks, 19 snares! ItsLucid Lo-fi Drum Kit: Download

Lofi Drum Kit by XShulz

A nice collection of 31 hats, 32 kicks, 31 snares, 8 percussion sounds chopped from songs and then processed tastefully. XShulz Lofi Kit: Download


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