Lo-Fi Hip Hop Guitar Samples

Reddit user Arrogant Beggar has released a dope sample pack focussed on Lo-Fi Hip Hop Guitar Samples titled That Guitar. It’s royalty-free electric guitar sample pack inspired by the sounds of lo-fi hip-hop music.

It’s called that guitar, because in lo-fi hip hop there’s a very distinct guitar used on many, many tracks. It reminds of jazzy electric chords that sound like they have been recorded via Polaroid pictures. The pack was recorded in a bedrooms with a cheap USB interface and by the finest fake-analog gear my money can by (so… basically free plugins). This goes against the notion that you need thousands of dollars worth of gear to record a cool little sample pack. I think it’s perfect for the niche it tries to fill and gives you that lo-fi hip hop guitar sound out of the box. Give it a try!

A small demo of the Lo-Fi Hip Hop Guitar Samples (drums not included in download)

In the ZIP file you will find 76 guitar samples in WAV format. they are sorted into three categories by type (Chords, Licks, and Progressions). The chord samples are labeled with chord name, whereas the licks and progressions also feature BPM info for easy integration into a project. Each sample is offered in four different variations: Direct Input, Amped, Lo-Fi, and WTF.

If you are looking for moody and melancholic guitar chords, licks and progressions, you’ve got to check this out! The sounds really capture the trademark of lo-fi hip-hop beats. Add a dusty vinyl sample, some old drum breaks and maybe some analog synth SFX and you’ve got yourself a winner!

You can download the 76 royalty-free Lo-Fi Hip Hop Guitar Samples for free from this Dropbox link. The ZIP archive only includes the raw WAV samples – no additional sampler patches and alternative audio formats.

You can use this alternative download link since the previous link of the original uploader hit the limit before.

UPDATE: Here’s another excellent lofi guitar pack that was submitted to us yesterday. Already having fun chopping it up and getting that jazz-influenced lofi vibe easily. The pack contains guitar loops with melodies and solos in the same key so it’s really easy to put some beats together with this! Pretty neat that the samples come pre and post effects as well! Enjoy! Lofi Guitar Sample Pack: Download

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