Lo-Fi Keyboards

A set of sampled Casio & Yamaha Keyboards ready to use in Ableton Live.

Get Lo-Fi with a selection of classic Casio & Yamaha keyboards, sampled and converted into Ableton Instrument Racks. I feel nostalgic looking at my old keyboards here, but to be honest, I just want them ready to work with when inspiration strikes. Download this sample pack today and you get almost 200 presets sampled from 7 different Lo-Fi Keyboards.

As a bonus we added an Ableton Effekt Rack which lets you add more lo-fi goodness in the form of wow, flutter, 12bit sampling, etc – all built with native Ableton Live devices, no external plug-ins necessary!

Not an Ableton user? No problem, you’ll find all the samples in the Samples folder as WAV files, which you can easily map in a sampler or DAW of your choice.

Lo-Fi Keyboards FTW!

If the soft synths of today don’t do it for you and you want to make some authentic 80s music or add some special sauce to your Lo-Fi hip hop beats, these will quickly become your go-to sounds, trust me. Free for a limited time, so hurry and unlock the download today!

How to buy the Lo-Fi Keyboards Ableton Racks in 30 seconds…

Simply hit the PURCHASE button to pay securely via PayPal or checkout with your credit card – no account required! Your copy of this AWESOME kit will be with you almost instantly – no waiting.

All of our products feature a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we’ll refund you within 24 hours. This helps us create a better product and helps you stay happy 🙂

Lo-Fi Keyboards Ableton Racks $19 USD



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