LoFi Fujitone (Beatmaker 3 Bank)

I love how the iPad and Beatmaker 3 give me a complete studio on the go. But when I’m travelling I still want all MY OWN FAVOURITE SOUNDS with me. For example my LoFi keyboards, like the Fujitone 6A I sampled for this sound kit. Here’s a free Beatmaker 3 Bank with 21 preset sounds, so you can quickly lay down some chords or melodies. Lo-Fi style!


Hit the download and enter 0 in the price field to get the free download. We would appreciate it also, if you enter a different number and send some monetary love our way. Sampling and putting together these banks takes a lot of time, so with a little donation you let us work on more banks in the future. Thanks!

Installation: Import in Beatmaker via iTunes file share or with dropbox & “open with” Beatmaker 3 command. If don’t use Beatmaker 3, you get all the raw WAV samples to feed your DAW or sampler with.

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