LoFi HipHop Chords

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. Making lo-fi hip hop is not that hard. Most chill type beats simply sample some musician playing two chords over some vinyl crackle. When we add a simple boom-chack drum pattern with a kick and snare from that Splice LoFi Bedroom Anime Cover Chilltype Drum Kit. Voila! But sampling doesn’t let you monetise your music on YouTube and Spotify, so let’s look at how to write convincing LoFi HipHop chords and progressions in no time.

Normally I would write and screenshot my process here. But to be honest, there’s someone who already has hit the nail on the head and made a super entertaining YouTube tutorial which takes you from sampling to composing in a few minutes. So let’s check out YouTube content creator Underbelly, explaining how to write lo-fi chord progression that sounds authentic!

One more note from my side regarding the LoFi HipHop chords video: You can highlight a scale since Ableton Live 11, so you don’t need the clip workaround he explains in the beginning. You simply look to the left of your midi clip and you will see options to choose your root note and your scale. Voila – all notes in that scale are highlighted for you!

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