Lofi Keyboards for Ableton Live

Cheap Vintage Casio & Yamaha Keyboards as Ready-To-Use Racks in Ableton Live.

Time to get Lo-Fi with this compilation of classic Casio & Yamaha keyboards! Everything was sampled and converted into handy Ableton Instrument Racks, so you can drag and drop and start on your beat right away!

I always loved the plastic sound of these instruments, but I don’t feel like buying a bunch of them and hooking everything up in the studio. Having the sounds available inside Ableton is a godsend and I’ve used them recently on A LOT of tracks I was working on. In this sample pack you get almost 200 presets sampled from 7 different Lo-Fi Keyboards, so matter the situation, you should find something that fits with your track.

A neat little bonus is the included Ableton Lo-Fi effect rack, which offers control over flutter, wow, and some crunchy 12bit reduction – all done with native Ableton Live devices so you are not reliant on purchasing more plugins.

Purchase Lo-Fi Keyboards Ableton Racks $19 USD
The sample pack is available courtesy of beatproduction.net – simply hit the PURCHASE button above to pay securely via PayPal or checkout with your credit card – no account required! Your copy of this AWESOME kit will be with you almost instantly and you can use the Lo-Fi Keyboards in about 30 seconds…

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