Maghreb Vibes

Maghreb Vibes is a collection of 4 studio-recorded percussion loops coming together with 4 midi bass- and drum tracks. Instruments chosen come from Brazil, Ghana and the Middle East and consist of Berimbao (stringed bow), Mizhar (framedrum), Caxixi (rattle) and Gankogui (bell). These instruments, though very different in sound, fit perfectly together and give a wide sound range.

The compostion can be seen as a polyrhythm where a 2 beat cycle, a 3 beat cycle, a 4 beat cycle and a 12 beat cycle meet. The Gankogui plays in 4 beats (triplets), the Mizhar is set in an additive structure (7+5=12), the other instruments play in 3 beats and the midi bass plays in 2 beats (triplets). Because of the specific rhythmical structure this Pack gives plenty of space for experimenting and exploring. The time signature is 6 beats per measure and is set to 85 Bpm. Maghreb Vibes deliveres WAV-files in 96kHz.

It is free for you to download on the right. The whole Signature-6 Pack consists of 30 studio-recorded Loop files and will be available for purchase soon. DOWNLOAD!


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