MainStage for iPad (Rumors)

Last week Apple moved Logic pro and Main Stage 2 to the MacAppStore. The next big thing in music apps Apple will do is to introduce MainStage for iPad. May be they’ll do it already in March/April with the presentation of iPad 3. This is how it may look like:

Let’s have a look:

MainStage is the live playing tool. When you are playing it’s pretty hard to change settings or instruments with the mouse or keyboard. Of course you can connect some midi controllers but it is not the simplest way.

The ideal solution would be to use MainStage for iPad. Actually when I see MainStage on my Mac it is clear that it is perfect for such device as iPad. With touch screen it is much easier to navigate during a live show. Ideally Apple will make possible to preset all the settings on a mac and upload it to the iPad.

What we can use before MainStage for iPad will arrive?

Well, of course we can use GarageBand. But it is not very good for live concerts. For keyboard there’s a good professional application called SampleTank. It works nice with USB Keyboards (with Apple Camera Connection Kit) and with midi keyboards without USB (you will need iRig then). SampleTank has only iPhone version but works fine with the iPad.

SampleTank for iPhone

For guitar there’s no good replacement yet. There’s a nice app – Amplitube but it doesn’t work with apogee jam or other USB interfaces. It works only with iRig which has pretty bad sound (it is fine to play at home with headphones but not in the studio or in a live concert).