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Make Beats in Ableton

Make Beats in Ableton

The Deconstructed video series by the guys over at Genius is great. It’s always fun to look under the hood of some of the biggest hip-hop and pop hits made in recent times and follow the thought process from the producer getting from initial idea to finished song. While trap and hip hop is made first and foremost in FL Studio, there’s a rising wave of Producers who make beats in Ableton – here’s a few of them sharing their Ableton Tricks with us…

The making of A$AP Ferg’s “Plain Jane”

Kirk Knight has a knack for sampling and this breakdown of A$AP Ferg’s “Plain Jane” is a sampling masterclass for all you Ableton beatmakers. Check out how he adds extra flavor to the beat with clatter samples and white noise from a television!

The making of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone”

This one involves a lot more musicianship than your average track breakdown. Swedish musician Ludwig Göransson shows how to biuld up a track by recording a selection of vintage instruments – like the Mellotron, Rhodes, Roland Juno 106 and clavinet – to create the Funkadelic-inspired hit from 2016.

The making of Young Thug and Elton John’s “High”

New York-based producer Stelios gave himself the challenge of combining two artists from opposite sides of the musical spectrum, Young Thug and Elton John. The secret ingredient in the exotic recipe – some clever sample stretching and a hefty dose of effects.

The making of Chance The Rapper’s “No Problem”

Brasstracks are a talented production duo also based in New York and they make beats in Ableton live. See how they create a Kanye-inspired gospel anthem with some intricate warping and pitching techniques.

The making of Logic and Eminem’s “Homicide”

LA production trio BREGMA had only been together for a short time when Logic and Eminem scooped up this beat. Working on the premise of strength in numbers, each member offers up a section of the track – with an open attitude for creative input from each other.

Do you have other track breakdowns that feature Ableton Live? Send them our way, so we can update this list!

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