Massive Presets

A stunning collection of presets for the Massive Synth VST,  Note: You must already have the Native Instruments Massive VST installed to use these.

The Big Massive Pack. Free Download.

over 3,400 presets in both .ksd and .nmsv file format! Create remarkable beats for hip-hop, dubstep, club, dnb, house, trap, or any other electronic music styles. Load your desired Massive Presets into Massive and tweak the knobs and parameters or use them as they are. No matter what kind of beats you make you will find something that will turn your beats into works of art.

Trap Life Massive Presets. Free Download.

Here is a dope trap preset library for Massive. This free kit includes a variety of synths, pads, arps, plucks, pianos, bells, leads, strings, organs and whistles. The presets were primarily made for trap beats, but can easily be used in other musical styles too.

OVO Inspired Massive Presets. Free Download.

OVO Inspired Massive Presets contains 50 dope presets for Native Instruments Massive. These presets were individually crafted with the idea of recreating that dark OVO sound and take inspiration from top artists such as Drake, PartyNextDoor, Makkonen, and many others. Demo track by D2therJ.

Stereocake (Free Massive Presets). Free Download.

Twenty-four new presets for MASSIVE that enjoy the unique morphing capabilities of the instrument. From basses through shuffled rhythmic pads to wide soundscapes, you get a wide variety of sounds that are instantly usable and tweakable to fit your style. Follow sound designer Flintpope’s journey into the brilliant sounds available in MASSIVE. All you have to do to these free massive presets is to download them, unzip the folder and move them into your preset sound directory.

Knife Party Massive Presets. Free Download.

Rob Swire (Knife Party, Pendulum) has released a small selection of his Knife Party Massive Presets for free. Simply extract and load the 6 .nmsv files into Massive to start using them in your beats. These are good for producers making electronic music. Fun fact: Knife Party use the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) application Nuendo for their production. In an interview with Sound on Sound Swire mentions he was using Logic for a long time, but eventually switched to Nuendo, mainly due to the linking system and workflow environment which let him work faster. Most of the sounds emulated are virtual instruments (VST).

Dubstep Bass Presets. Free Download.

This preset library contains 100 incredible dubstep bass presets for Native Instruments Massive. This wavetable synth has defined the sound of Dubstep for a long time and has been used by many of the leading artists back then up to today. While Serum has overtaken Massive as the most popular soft synth today, there’s thousands of excellent patches and presets for Native Instruments Massive and easily makes it to one of a handful of synths I always go back to! This Dubstep Bass Presets pack was created with Dubstep music production in mind and it’s free, so hit the download below!

Electro Massive Patches. Free Download.

This kit contains over 40 Massive patches for Native Instrument Massive. The sounds are designed for electronic music production and you’ll get a wide selection of blips, plucks, lead and other cool sounds. We still love Massive, even though a lot of producers seemed to have forgotten about this powerful software synthesizer. The presets includes both KSD and NMSV file formats. The pack comes as a free download, so just click on the download link below and get ready for some dance floor shaking patches that you can load into one of the most powerful soft synth of all times!


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