Maxima Compressor Limiter iPad App

Maxima – Compressor, Limiter, Gain Control and more.

Maxima (App Store Link) is a clever combination of dynamic processors for iOS that keeps your levels consistent and never exceed 0dB. Thanks to a unique signal path, algorithms and a small set of parameters, Maxima makes a complicated task easy.

To be honest I mostly wing it when it comes to audio plugins like compressors, limiters, etc. I know enough about what most of the dials and knobs are doing, but I’ve always cared more about the beatmaking side of things than the intricacies of mixing. The Maxima app by FAC is perfect for someone like me, because with a few adjustments I get great results.

When I’m making beats on my iPad I don’t feel the need for extensive mixing. Mostly I want to stay in the flow and knock out beat ideas. Now, whenever I want to add some more oomph to a track, I get out the Maxima and it sounds 10x better. Seriously, when you bypass it the next time, you will realize how crap the sound was before. It just adds something special without taking anything away from the sounds original integrity.

Sound quality is subjective up to a certain point, but for me Maxima is a worthy competitor to the best limiters/maximizers available on desktop. Highly recommended.

Get it from the App Store.