Medly takes a new approach to the way music is made.

Making music in Medly is as easy as drawing notes on a grid to create rhythms and melodies. With access to 112 instruments, ranging from House synths to Classical violins, and hundreds of drum and FX samples, musicians can create songs in a variety of genres. Alongside tools such as FX automation and multiple export formats, the app has become the tool chosen by both new and seasoned musicians to draft and create their music. Medly is free to download and includes 12 free instruments, with 100 more available through in-app purchases.

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Medly takes a new approach to the way music is made, letting both seasoned and new musicians make epic music. Just pick your instruments, draw notes, record & sing, and drag & drop one of over 700 loops or samples.

The app breaks up your song into Sections that you can easily pick up, move, delete, copy, and link together to make loops. Then arrange your Sections, using up to 24 instrument tracks, to make epic music.

Start off with 16 free instruments, and unlock 142 more across a variety of genres in the Medly Store. Combined with over 700 fully editable note loops and professionally recorded vocals and audio samples, providing near infinite possibilities.

Quickly upload your song to SoundCloud, or share it as a video, audio, MIDI, or Medly file. You can also connect Medly to other apps using Audiobus, Inter-App Audio or play in time using Ableton Link.

Mix and customize your sounds using our built-in effects and filters. Add fades and pitch bends using automation, a graph editor that lets you change an effect over time.

About the company

Originally released for iPad in March 2015, Medly relaunched a year later with a new design for iPhone and iPad. Since then, the app has gone on to be downloaded over half a million times, received an Apple Editor’s Choice, Best Apps of March 2016, and now Best App of 2016. The company was founded in April 2011 while co-founders Basil Al-Dajane and Jayson Rhynas where studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. You can learn more at

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