Memorymoog Samples

IK Multimedia Memory-V is a virtual Memorymoog based on authentic samples and it's available as free download until March 9th!

Memory-V by IK Multimedia is a virtual Memorymoog with six voices and 18 oscillators. Contrary to other options in the market right now, this one is not based on algorithms, but uses Memorymoog Samples to achieve a true to life sound!

The original MemoryMoog was produced from 1981 to 1985 and is often described as 6 Minimoog in one, because it features the fat analog sound, but is polyphonic! For these Memorymoog samples to run you need Syntronik or SampleTank. All in all you get over 6000 Samples, 148 instrument presets and four multis which will set your hard drive back by 5 gigabyte.

You can download the IK Multimedia Memory-V instrument for free until the 7th March 2019. After that it goes back to the regular price of 49 US dollars. That’s still a good deal, but grab it while it’s free now!

Download it free here


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