Micrologue – analog synth for Cubasis is coming

On the iTunes page of Cubasis appeared mentioning of Micrologue – first internal Cubasis synth.

From the name and description of the synth it looks like it is iOS version of Steinberg’s Retrologue synth.  I’m sure that the UI of the synth would be significantly changed for iPad. Also may be from its name “Micro-logue” it could be limited in features. For example it could come with less modulation slots. But I think there would inter-compatibility between desktop and iPad versions to transfer patches from iPad to desktop version.

Let’s have a short look at the Retrologue to understand what we can expect from its smaller brother. Retrologue comes with 2 analog oscillators and one sub-oscillator, 2 LFOs, 2 envelopes and effects slot. Modulation matrix has 10 slots.

It is pretty new synth, Steinberg introduced it on Jul 13th 2012. May be we will see it on iPad on Jul 13th 2013 to celebrate one year? According to their updates development cycle (it usually takes about 40 days between Cubasis versions) Cubasis 1.5 version should arrive around July 10th so it is close to that date.

Also as you can see in the description there is mentioning of “Instrument rack of Cubasis instruments”. So Micrologue would be just first one, next we could see other Steinberg VST’s ported: Padshop (this one is fantastic granular synth), Halion sampler, Groove One drum machine. It could be also something completely new for iPad to use all the benefits of a touch-screen.

But as long as we are waiting for the first internal synth in this great app, we can trigger external synths via MIDI. And last couple of weeks was amazing: new powerful Nave, Thor for iPad, updated Sunrizer.

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