MicSwap Pro

Check out MicSwap Pro (App Store Link) – one of the best recording apps for iOS. You know that each mic has it’s own character. And lots of people are getting crazy to find old vintage mic because nothing can compare to that warm sound. And what this app does is emulation of sound of different types of mics.

A portable podcasting, voiceover and music studio. Turn your microphone into 17 different studio microphones. Use your device to record or import audio. Swap mics, change studios, edit, color label, sort and share your recordings anywhere. MicSwap Pro works with any external mic or interface compatible with your iDevice to deliver high fidelity recordings. You can also use your Bluetooth mic to record. Great for podcasting, voiceover, music creation and more.

MicSwap Pro gives great sound quality by adding the ability to use the app standalone or with an external microphone or interface. It comes with all mics, studio environments, unlimited recording and can be used as a plugin with other apps like Garageband etc (Audiobus, AU, AA).

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