Minimoog app compared to Minimoog hardware

Here’s the shootout of the new Moog Minimoog Model D app with the actual hardware. And this $5 Minimoog app sounds crazy close to its $3K predecessor!

In the video above Starsky Carr, compares the new Minimoog Model D app to a hardware Minimoog Model D synthesizer and covers all the important bases. First he checks out the sound of the oscillators at 3:40 before moving on to the signature Moog ladder filter at 10:00. Furthermore he looks into overload at 12:50, FM sound at  15:15 and the noise function at 16:08. He closes out the app vs hardware shootout with an in-depth look at the effects at 16:30 and runs through some other sounds around the 17:50 mark. Also check out the Animoog App if you are looking into getting the Moog sound on your iPad.

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