Mixed In Key Live

If you are a DJ you will have heard of Mixed in Key – the leading key detection software on the market. We have previously reviewed their entry into the music producer segment with Mixed in Key Studio. Well it looks like the app was a success because the newest addition to their product line is called Mixed in Key Live and looks and works very similar!

Spoiler Alert: We talked to them and organised a special Black Friday discount for our loyal fans! Head over to their site, click the buy button and type in beatproductionBF during checkout to secure 40% off your order! Enjoy!

The major difference is that it was designed for use with any streaming service and DAW. Let’s be more clear: with Mixed in Key Live you will have key detection for all audio playing through your Mac! That’s a game changer! Whether you’re watching YouTube, auditioning loops or even listening to Spotify you’ll always know what key the music is in.

Knowing the key, scale and bpm of your track is nice, but what I like a lot about this that there’s also a graphical note visualizer showing you the exact notes being played at any given time!

Final Verdict?

I’ve only had Mixed in Key Live for a little over a day now and it already improved my workflow immensely. Gone are the days of dragging samples into Melodyne or Serato Studio, only to find the key of the sample. I am  using the handy little collapsed view which keeps a mini Mixed in Key Live floating over Spotify, Splice or Ableton at all time! Gone are the days of jumping between multiple app just keep you samples in key.

As longtime Mixed in Key users, this app comes highly recommended! You can get Mixed in Key Live here for 40% off, simply by entering our discount code beatproductionBF during checkout!

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