Moog DFAM Drum Samples

This sample pack contains over 130 bass drums created using the Moog DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) analog drum synthesizer! This pack was created by triggering the DFAM using a DAW. Then the settings were tweaked live between hits to achieve a diverse selection of bass drum sounds. The Moog DFAM drum samples were then chopped, edited, and then batch exported to a folder.

Moog DFAM Drum Samples: DOWNLOAD

What’s so special about the DFAM is its sound! Thanks to the super fast analogue envelopes, clicks and zaps are no problem for this synthesizer. With a little less pitch modulation you create ultra deep basses and booming kicks that make your subwoofer rip like an original TR-808. But also sonically rich techno-kicks in the style of a TR-909 are produced in a few simple steps – not to mention all kinds of toms dripping of analogue flavour. The built-in noise generator lets you shape classic snares. The excellent-sounding frequency modulation extends the sound spectrum with FM bass, hi-hats, cymbals, gongs and lots of oblique effect sounds, which are always assertive and noble and never sound too annoying or annoying. The audio samples are all directly and completely from the DFAM and were screwed live, without overdubbing multiple tracks or other post-processing.

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