Mutable Instruments Clouds & Braids as Max for Live Plugin

Use the two legendary Eurorack modules by Mutable Instruments right within Ableton Live

With the growing popularity of the VCV software modular rack, here’s two legendary Eurorack modules – Mutable Instruments Clouds and Braids – ported to Max for Live, so you can use them in Ableton Live! Since I’m dipping in and out of modular every now and then, it’s great to have these two available in my DAW, so I don’t have to fire up a modular synth, just to try some new things.

Mutated Texturizer (aka Mutable Instruments Clouds)

The MutatedTexturizer and the MutatedTexturizerAlt are free M4L plugins based on the firmware for the legendary Eurorack module Clouds by Mutable Instruments. MutatedTexturizer is based on the stock firmware by Olivier Gillet, while MutatedTexturizerAlt is based on the popular Parasites software which includes additions by Matthias Puech. A bunch of presets are included to give you a quick start! You can download Mutated Texturizer here.

Mutated Marco Oscillator (aka Braids)

The Mutated Macro Oscillator is a free M4L based on the code behind Mutable Instruments’ module Braids. This code has been ported to a max external (mac only) and it has been made polyphonic (8 voices) and a filter has been added (designed by Surreal Machines) plus 2 envelopes as modulation sources. You can download Mutated Oscillator here!

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