One of the best DAWs for iOS. You can find a lot of tracks on Soundcloud made just with NanoStudio. NanoStudio comes with midi sequencer, mixer and 2 built-in virtual instrument:

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  • Eden – great flexible synth, one of the best synths for iOS
  • TRG-16 – sampler controlled by 16 pads

NanoStudio first released for iPhone so user interface is optimized for smaller screens. Now there are versions for Mac and PC so you can sync your projects with the desktop version. Also there is dedicated NanoSync Mac and PC software which allows you to transfer samples from desktop to NanoStudio TRG-16 sampler.

App specifications –

DAWs features check-list:

  • Audiobus support: no
  • Audio copy/paste: yes (both Sonoma and Intua)
  • Audioshare support: no
  • Audiotracks support: no
  • Virtual midi in: yes
  • Virtual midi out (to control other apps): no
  • MIDI files import/export: yes
  • VST/AU plugin for Mac/PC version (was announced by the developer in the interview)


Review by Carbonish “Not such a basic iDAW


TRG-16 QuickTips

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