Neo-Soul Keys Studio

Some of the most realistic, organic, and warm sounding electric pianos available for your iPad.

Neo-Soul Keys Studio is the go-to electric piano library for iPad beatmakers. It’s a complete recreation of the desktop version (which costs $200) and contains every single preset, effect, and functionality of it.

Compared to all other options, you will immediately hear a very distinct difference: this one has a vintage, old school sound of the ’70s. It sounds so realistic because not only did they sample authentic pianos, but they have used the same vintage and boutique equipment the top studios use to record the samples. If you want a warmth, vintage, phat, weighty, and vibey sound, then you should definitely check out Neo-Soul Keys Studio.

While you can get a super clean electric piano sound from this app, dialing in the grit, dirt, release, bark, mechanics, bumps, clanks, and all of the electromechanical goodness that makes up an electro mechanical piano, is where it really shines.

Neo-Soul Keys Studio Co-Sign

See what the late-great George Duke has said about Neo-Soul Keys and why he chose to use it live, rather than a real electric piano:

“I also incorporated one called [Gospel Musicians] Neo-Soul Suitcase, because that has a little more grit and meat on it for certain types of sounds. There’s another that’s pretty smooth, and it’s also a Scarbee thing but it’s toned down; it doesn’t have a lot of attack. As a matter a fact, I’m using that sound on “Brazilian Love Affair.” When I go into playing more funk, I might use Neo-Soul Keys, which has a lot of attack….” (Keyboard Magazine, Aug. 2013).

Neo-Soul Keys Studio has an intimidating download size of 4GB, which houses 126 high quality presets, 18 high quality amp simulations, a vintage modeled Master Limiter with a smooth and transparent soft limit and tube saturation and so much more.

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