No MIDI Sound in FL Studio

If you can’t get any MIDI files to make sounds in Fruity Loops then read on. There’s several points why no MIDI sound in FL Studio can happen. When you open a midi file in FL Studio you will see the different channels in the step sequencer.

1: Select the first channel by clicking on it and it will open up with the Channel Settings – MIDI out window.

2: In the Channel Setting window select Port 1 and leave everything else as default.

3: Now go to the mixer by pressing F9 and on the master channel open the plugin Fruity LSD.

4: Click on the Fruity LSD and it will bring up a panel. On the LSD panel select port 1. You should now hear sound.
Change each of the instruments depending on what they are named in the step sequencer and you should hear the tune played in midi!

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