Nomad Guitar Mood

Nomad Guitar

Meet Nomad Guitar – a digital musical instrument designed by Orit Dolev. She found inspiration to design her own minimalist digital instrument after a trip with her guitar in tow:

I thought to myself: this would be a great way to meet new people by bridging gaps of culture and language through music. but the experience of traveling with this musical instrument turned out to be frustrating. The shape of the resonance box prevented me from putting it in my backpack and the strings would constantly break and get out of tune.

Dolev went onto to simplify the guitar form, leaving only the neck/fretboard. The result is a skateboard-like deck which can be strummed like a guitar. The accompanying amplifier doubles as a case cover, which folds over like a subway sandwich to protect the instrument. Anyone acquainted with the traditional guitar can immediately begin playing the NOMAD Guitar. Find out more here.