Novation Circuit Rhythm

Two new iterations of the beloved Novation Circuit leaked when an online shop updated their website.

The Novation Circuit was maintained very intensively by Novation and in the end you could even load up your own samples. Now the time has apparently come to revise the hardware. It seems there is not one but actually two new Circuits on the horizon. Each one has a specific purpose, reminding us of the classic Korgs Electribes. There’s the grey Novation Circuit Rhythm focussed on sampling and the black Novation Circuit Tracks with two polyphonic synths, MIDI tracks and 4 drums with 8 tracks.

Novation Circuit Tracks

The Novation Circuit Tracks offers two synths, two MIDI tracks and four drum tracks. The sequencer uses a 16-step view with display of dynamic values ​​and other data (note lengths, velocity, microtiming etc.) on the other 16 pads. There’s also a switch for accessing the full 32 step sequence. This version resembles the OG Circuit – without the Sidechain tracks. But you get MIDI control with full MIDI sockets on the back, so no more jack DIN adapters!

Novation Circuit Rhythm

If you know us you will have guessed that the Rhythm is what we have our eye on. From what we can see, this one is more of a drum machine based on samples with 8 tracks and inputs for sampling on the back. The ‘Note’ button suggests that you not only can trigger drums samples but you can can easily play one shots as well.

More information

There is still no official information and no price either. I would be shocked if the price is different to the OG Circuit. Since they leaked through an online shop means they should be announced soon. And since NAMM announcements have started dropping the past few days, this will probably happen in the next few days.

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