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Oriental Bass

This pack allows you not only to have the possibility of diving into the world of uneven cycles, but also of having access to rhythmical textures only found in some regions of Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Alongside studio-recorded loops, Oriental Bass Pack delivers some additional midi bass and drum tracks. Instruments used are the Dondo (Talking Drum), Mizhar (Middle Eastern framedrum) and Gankogui (bell). While you are at it, grab the Oriental Strings sample pack as well.

The rhythmical composition features basic 5-beat patterns (Dondo) as well as more complex doubletime patterns (Gankogui). The midi basslines are composed in a phrygian dominant scale (or in hijaz maqam in classical arabian music), lending the whole Pack a very oriental feel. The time signature is 5 beats per measure and is set to 85 Bpm. Oriental Bass delivers 3 24bit WAV-files in 96kHz.

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