OTO Biscuit Drumkit

The OTO Biscuit is a small, quirky, lo-fi powerhouse effect unit, now discontinued. It’s got an 8-bit chip running the show, and everything that goes through the inputs gets converted to super grainy 8 bit audio before going through a sweet analogue filter to smoothen it out a bit before getting pumped out. I’ve always been attracted to this machine, the design is super cool it’s got a lot of features and additional effects on top of the bitcrushing, but it took me a long time to get comfortable with the sound of the unit, because it’s not easy to keep it under control, it quite simply destroys the things that are put through the buffer, and at a certain point you have to learn to let it go and stop worrying. The results can be jarring, at times uncomfortable, but there’s an organic quality to the grittiness that certainly gives it an unique vibe. This OTO Biscuit drumkit contains some really uniquely textured drums.

Here’s the download link.

Here’s a short clip of sound made with the OTO Biscuit Drumkit!

BISCUIT add depth, texture and organic behavior to synths, basslines, drum machines and virtual sounds from computers. By using 8-bit converters, digital processing and analog resonant filters, BISCUIT opens up a wide range of sounds from harsh distortion, digital and aliasing artifacts to warm and fat 8-bit sounds. You can mute or invert each of the 8 bits of the digital signal by pressing one of the 8 rectangular switches, to generate strong distortions with an intense digital character. Lower the sample frequency down to 250 Hz for aliasing effects and use the multimode analog filter to get a warm and fat sound.

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