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    Producer Drum Kit Bundle

    Tired of scouring the web for producer drum kits, that give you the sound and knock of the GOAT producers…
    Sound Kits

    8-Bit Synths

    Ready for something different? 8-Bit Synths is an Ableton Live Pack which brings old school video consoles and games to…

    What Are Ghost Kicks & Ghost Snares And How To Use Them

    Ghost kicks & ghost snares fall into the larger category of ghost notes. They are the little hits in between…
    Premium Kits

    Boom Bap Addict

    Here’s our take on the classic boom bap sound of the 90s. This drum kit for hip-hop producers comes loaded…
    Premium Kits

    Ultimate 808 Drum Pack

    The Ultimate 808 Drum Pack contains a massive variety of samples from the classic 808 drum. This drum kit is highly…