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Parametric EQ2

Parametric EQ2 in FL Studio

One of my favourite plugins in FL Studio is the parametric EQ2. This is seriously one of the most advanced EQ’s I have ever seen. If you have never used it, then you are missing out on a lot. The plugin has all of the normal features of a parametric EQ overlayed on top of a spectrum analyser.

In the previous versions of FL Studio the only way to see the spectrum was by adding a seperate plugin (FL Spectrum Analyser) and use the mouse pointer to work out the actual frequency. Now you can do it all within one screen and view the results of changing the frequencies in real-time.

The Fruity Parametric EQ2 is an incredibly stable plugin capable of running on many effects channels at once. I usually put one EQ2 on every effects channel to fine tune every part of the song I am creating. That’s right I am an effects whore… I like maxing out each effects channel to create totally new an interesting sounds. Luckily my PC allows me to do so.

EQ2 has to be the best parametric EQ ever, if not than please let me know of a better one! FL Studio has once again pushed the limits and made EQing easier, more understandable and enjoyable.