Phat Bass using Fruity DX10

Yessss I finally made a drum and bass track with a harder bassline! I must admit I always seem to overlook the basslines and the hardness factor when it comes to tunes. This one however is one that i’m proud of (well apart from the thin sounding intro but I can always work on that). The phat bass you hear was made using the Fruity DX10 with the Music Box 2 preset.

To make the riff I punched keys in succession on my midi keyboard (with the drums playing in the background) until it sounded good. Whenever I get something sounding half decent I hit the record button in Fruity Loops and play it one more time. The recorded Fruity DX10 notes are added straight into the Fruity keyboard where final edits can be taken care of. Then I usually get up and jump around to the riff I have just created to dance floor test it! Ha ha not really. I usually create a few variations of the riff and some completely new riffs that also sound great.

To get a phatter sound I ran the Music Box 2 preset through an effects channel in the mixer. The only two effects I put the present through were… distortion using the VST plugin TK-3BandDisto followed by the Fruity Compressor. If you would like to know how to install the VST plugin TK-3BandDisto then read How to Open a VST plugin in Fruity Loops 7.

There, now you should have some phat sounding bass made by Anto and you can jump around your room to it all day and tell everyone that you made it yourself!

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