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Phatt Racks Ableton

Phatt Racks is an Ableton Live Pack which brings a legendary piece of studio gear at your fingertips. The sample-based rackmount module we are talking about was designed with classic hip hop, modern R&B, acid jazz and trip hop in mind and found it’s way into many studios and onto a long list of hits in 90s and early 00s!

(There’s light processing on the sounds, our drum buss chain to make drums knock and some light echo on the instruments, so if you want to reproduce the above sound keep that in mind.)

In the WAV folder you will find 463 sounds from the Roland TB303, Moog Minimoog, Wurlitzer, Yamaha DX7, Prophet 5 and obviously the Roland TR808 amongst many other iconic instruments. You can easily map these in your sampler or beatmaking software.

This pack is a no-brainer if you run Ableton Live 9+. Because you’ll find a separate folder with a drum rack of 59 Kicks, 61 Snares, 66 Hats, 71 Cymbals and 73 Claps & Snaps. A second drum rack holds 76 percussion sounds, like Shakers, Toms, Bongos & more. Aside from the drums, you get instrument racks with 40 Bass sounds, 50 classic Synths, 40 acoustic instruments, 84 Stab samples mapped chromatically, as well as 16 Scratch FX samples and vinyl dirt layers. Just like in the original machine, each Ableton Racks has Macros for quickly choosing the sound, tweaking the filter and adjusting the ADSR.

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Phatt Racks Ableton Racks $19 USD



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