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Percussion Samples

Pounding Percussion Samples. Free Download.

This sound kit is filled with over 400 studio quality percussion samples like rimshot sounds, tambourine sounds, tom sounds and clap sounds. Perfect for any hip-hop producer looking to download free FL Studio sounds for their next beat. These sounds were filtered through high-end music hardware and is now available for you to download. Just import the .wav sounds into your preferred digital audio workstation. They also work with Ableton Live, Reason, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Beatmaker 3 and many more! This is a free download, so don’t overthink it. Click the download link below and stock up on some quality percussion!

Organic Percussion Samples. Free Download.

If making beats and creating music were like cooking (it kind of is right?), percussion would be like the spices and herbs. You don’t have to have percussion in your music, but if you do it can really set you apart from everyone else and make your music that much better. Organic Percussion comes with 35 real percussion samples. It includes bongos, congas, djembe, shaker, tambourines, and more. These are high quality samples and if you’re trying to grow your sample library, I think they will be a perfect fit.

Organic Percussion V2. Free Download.

Signature Samples has released Organic Percussions V2, an updated version of their previous V1 sample pack. Inside this free sample pack even more organic sounds have been included for you to produce some amazingly creative and organic beats. This kit brings you organic sounds and textures recorded in a forest, jingling keys, aerosol can spray fx, the sounds of a broken light bulb, coins being shaken in a glass and more. These sounds should add some pizazz to your beats and give that extra bit of sauce. Organic Percussion V2 comes with close to 500 one shot samples, all royalty free and free to download. If you’re on the hunt for foley styled samples, get this kit.

Microblocks Percussion Sample Pack. Free Download.

A found-sound percussion sample pack recorded and created  in the quotidian soundscapes of Santa Cruz, CA. The sample pack includes 135 samples which consists of found sounds and a lot of unique percussion hits that can enhance your productions in cool ways!

Most of the sounds were recorded outside or in large spaces so you get some really great ambience going with the samples. If you dig them, we will add our own Ableton Live Drum Rack Preset here for all you Ableton users. Just let us know!